Seasons & Weather in Scott County, IN

Scott County has four beautiful seasons for you to enjoy! From the humid heat of summer to the snowy cold of winter, we’ll help you plan what to pack for your trip!



Bring layers! You never know what spring in Southern Indiana holds, it can frequently change from warm & sunny to cool & rainy! This is a great time to get out & check out the many hiking trails & historic sites in our county!

Temperature Range: Highs in the 60-70s/Lows in the 30-50s



Summer in Indiana is warm & sunny, so pack lots of short sleeves, shorts, & sunscreen! Summertime in Scott County is chock full of festivals & is also a great time to hit the lake!

Temperature Range: Highs in the 80s-90s/ Lows in the 60s-70s



Fall in Scott County can be full of color! The changing colors offer a beautiful backdrop for our driving tour, a trip around to see all the Barn Quilts or a trip to one of our Agritourism sites! The temperature falls about the same time the leaves do, so bring along a sweatshirt or fleece if you’re spending much time outside!

Temperature Range: Highs in the 50s-80s/ Lows in the 30s-50s



Winter is coming. When it gets here, it’s a great time for indoor activities like live music! Bring a coat, hat & gloves to fend off the cold, then warm up with a hot beverage or some tasty soup at one of our local restaurants!

Temperature Range: Highs in the 30s-40s/ Lows in the 10s-20s

7-day Forecast

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